The Murder Simulator ‘Party Hard Go’ Is Finally Out

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The PC game Party Hard by tinyBuild made quite a few waves when it was released because it’s, well, a lot about killing people who annoy you. Now, you can play the mobile version, Party Hard Go ($6.99)(any resemblance to Pokemon GO and Lara Craft GO is purely coincidental), which lets you take out people while on the move. What exactly is this game about? Think of it this way: have you ever had your neighbors partying so loudly that you were willing to do anything to have them stop? If yes, then you know how the character in this game feels. But instead of going the normal route and calling the police, you decide to take out the party-goers yourself. While the game has a pretty obvious satirical take on the idea of killing people at parties, I’m still a bit surprised Apple let it through.

At heart, Party Hard GO is a stealth game where you try to take out those at the party without getting noticed. You can use all kinds of ways to take out the guests, and you’ll be doing so in over 20 semi-procedural levels with 5 different characters, each with his or her own skills. And just to get an idea of what kind of game this is, make sure you read the very long list of warnings on the iTunes page regarding the game. If you feel like sharing tips or need to ask for help making it through the game, check out our forum thread for the game.

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