New Nintendo ‘Miitomo’ Update Brings Chat, Customization, and Sidekicks

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Nintendo’s Miitomo (Free) launched with quite a bit of fanfare, but that excitement didn’t last long and pretty soon Miitomo was as deserted as a library after an exam period. As we wrote a few days ago, Nintendo is aware of many of the issues of the app and was planning to release an update to improve it. That update has just dropped, and it’s a pretty good one. The first, and very important, new addition is chat. You can exchange messages with your friends using Mii characters as messengers. It’s amazing to me that a social app launched without this feature, but at least we finally got it. The other addition is the ability to customize your room by picking using wallpapers and flooring that you can get through Miitomo Drop. This is another feature that people were asking for literally the day the app came out.

We are also getting Style Central, where you can show off your outfits to others and they can give hearts to your amazingly creative (see tacky) creations. You can also check Answer Central to answer global questions and see answers from other users all over the world. And finally, you can create Sidekick Mii characters. As you can tell, these are pretty big additions, but the question of course will be whether they came too late. I would like to remind you all, though, that Super Mario Run is coming out shortly, and as we talked about in our recent story, Nintendo has said that Super Mario Run will initially use your Miitomo friends list for multiplayer. So don’t be surprised to see everyone dusting off their Mii after this update.

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