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‘Cat Quest’ From ‘Slashy Hero’ Developers Gets New Trailer

The Gentlebros, developers of Slashy Hero (Free), are hard at work on their new RPG Cat Quest for Steam and mobile. While they’ve released some early visuals and details, the game is now in a good enough state for them to release a longer trailer showing off the game. And it’s looking pretty cool right now:

The game’s an open-world RPG, and what I dig is the way that the entire game feels like you’re navigating the overworld of the game. Not only in the actual overworld, where cities have buildings that can be entered while staying in that overworld, but something about the isometric perspective as well gives the game a unique visual feeling. Also, there’s cat puns everywhere. This one’s expected in 2017 at some point, so read our preview of the game from TGS, and keep an eye on TouchArcade and the game’s forum thread for more.