‘Hitman: Sniper’ Does Halloween With a Crossbow

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Hitman: Sniper ($0.99), probably the best sniper game on the App Store (depending on your taste of course), has gone all Halloween in the latest update. The game now has a Halloween theme everywhere, but in addition to that, Agent 47 has decided to go old-school Halloween by bringing a crossbow to the party. The limited edition crossbow has a variety of special abilities like sending your enemies flying for more domino kills, shooting a volley of bolts when there’s a need to take many people out at the same time, and even making your victim’s ghost your ally.

The update has also dressed up the mansion in Montenegro in Halloween-appropriate decor with the high profile targets wearing special Halloween costumes (maybe stripper mobster or sexy murderer costumes). The game now has Halloween music as well to get you into the mood. I have to say, this is one of the best Halloween updates in a game so far this year, and that’s appropriate since Hitman: Sniper is all about turning people into ghosts.

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