Gameloft Releases ‘Zombie Anarchy’, Its Combat Strategy Game

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Zombie games are everywhere and no matter how hard we try, we keep bumping into them. Feels just like the real apocalypse. I understand why zombies are still popular with game developers, but I do think it’s time we all move on. The latest zombie game to hit the App Store is Gameloft’s Zombie Anarchy (Free). Zombie Anarchy is a combat strategy game where you collect various survivors, each with his or her own unique abilities and weapons, and then ensure that no zombies are left alive anywhere around your camp as well as raid rival players in an attempt to keep your own camp well-supplied and to make your rivals’ lives harder.

You’ll be placing and upgrading defenses to keep your camp safe from others as well as upgrading your buildings and survivors using resources and items you scavenge. There’s also some tactical combat involved. As you can see, not the most original formula, but it does have a few new ideas. The game is available now on iOS and Android and is, of course, free.

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