‘The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land’ Will Get Weekly Season 7 Tie-In Events

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AMC’s The Walking Dead returned for its seventh season last night, resolving its frustrating cliffhanger in an extremely bloody fashion, and setting everyone up for another bloody season. Next Games’ The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land (Free), the official game of the TV series (as opposed to the other games that tie-in with other parts of The Walking Dead‘s multimedia empire) is set to get some big events that tie in with Season 7 of the AMC show, starting today and every Monday.

What this means is that each week as events in the show happen, new characters and events related to the previous episode’s events will be playable in the game. Hopefully if you’re a fan of whoever Negan killed in the premiere, they aren’t killed in the game too, but artwork of them does appear in the game’s trailer so maybe you can alter fate just a little bit! All is despair and everyone will die, but at least your favorite may live a little bit longer.

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