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Co-op Card Adventure ‘Space Food Truck’ Coming Nov. 3rd

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One Man Left, the developer of the fantastic Tilt to Live 2, has finally announced that Space Food Truck will be hitting iOS and Android tablets (no phones, sorry) on November 3rd. For quite a while there was no info on whether the game would make it to mobile (although we were pretty confident it would), and I’m glad it’s finally on the way. Space Food Truck is a cooperative, culinary sci-fi adventure where 1-4 players assume a role on the “Galaxy Gourmet’ (funny name). Then they travel across a procedurally-generated galaxy in search of the most exotic ingredients a human – or alien – has ever encountered. They then use those ingredients to craft fancy recipes and also build various items to help the Galaxy Gourmet survive the dangers of outer space.

Cooperation between the crew members is essential, with the Captain, the Chef, the Scientist, and the Engineer all having distinct and crucial roles. Each character starts with a 10-card deck and each turn, they add another card to the deck. As you can see from the trailer above, the game looks pretty good. Hopefully the tablet version will come with the online multiplayer of the PC version.

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