Multiplayer FPS ‘Critical Ops’ Finally Available Worldwide on iOS

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At long last, Critical Ops (Free) is now officially out worldwide on iOS. This multiplayer FPS that borrows liberally from Counter-Strike has you partaking in your choice of several different game modes, including a familiar mode where the terrorist team has to plant a bomb, and the counter-terrorists have to defuse it (or everyone on one team gets wiped out, one of the two), along with deathmatch modes. The game has picked up in popularity across its various releases on different platforms in countries for two reasons: one, it’s derivative but well-made, plus you can play it on mobile or on the web with the same account; Two, the game’s monetization eschews anything that affects gameplay, being only about skins and customizations.

Critical Ops has been available on the web, and on Android for a while, not to mention that the game was available on iOS in virtually every country but the United States. The soft launch, as it is, is finally over. The good news is that even in soft launch, there was a healthy number of players, so you can find games with ease across the game’s different regional servers. While yeah, this is a derivative first-person shooter, if you enjoy playing variants of big console/PC games on mobile, Critical Ops is fun enough that it’s worth checking out.

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