‘Legends of Callasia’ Gets ‘The Stoneborne’ Expansion

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Turn-based strategy game Legends of Callasia (Free), which sees itself as influenced by games like Civilization, Risk, and Heroes of Might and Magic, has been pretty well received in our forums. So, I’m sure there are quite a few happy customers today because Legends of Callasia has launched its first expansion, The Stoneborne. The new expansion adds a new playable faction, the Dwarves, and includes a new 10-level long campaign, 11 playable Stoneborne heroes, 20 new maps, underground seasons, over 20 new cards, and much more. There’s even a whole new enemy faction, the Cavespawn.

The new expansion costs $7.99, which might sound steep, but I think it won’t bother the game’s players much since the game itself costs $14.99 to unlock. If you’re interested in checking out Legends of Callasia, I think you’ll mostly enjoy the cross-platform multiplayer side of it; we don’t have many strategy games like that on the App Store.

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