Future ‘Pokemon’ Games to Have ‘Pokemon GO’ Connectivity

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When Pokemon GO (Free) exploded like a supernova on stellar steroids, many wondered whether the upcoming Pokemon Sun & Moon (a Nintendo 3DS game, not an iOS one) would have some kind of connectivity to its (now) more famous cousin. Well, the answer to that is no, there’s no connectivity between the two partly because Sun & Moon had been in development for quite some time by the time Pokemon GO released. However, there are some interesting news coming from Junichi Masuda, the Sun & Moon producer, director, and composer (and the guy who worked on the Pokemon GO ball-throwing mechanics). According to a recent interview, he was also surprised at how big Pokemon GO became all of a sudden and believes that GO‘s popularity will help raise awareness for all Pokemon games.

What is more interesting for iOS and Android gamers, though, is that he definitely wants to have some kind of “connectivity, some way [iOS and 3DS Pokemon games] can interact" in the future or even have a way for people who enjoyed one to enjoy “some of their progress" in the other. While this is all pretty vague, I’m glad to see that Pokemon GO might end up bridging the gap between iOS and devices like the Nintendo 3DS or creating more interesting multi-platform experiences in general (Nintendo NX?).

[via GameInformer]

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