Legendary ‘Graveyard’ Spell Coming to ‘Clash Royale’ in 11 Days

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Ice Golem has been released into the wild (I’ve already had to face it a couple of times), so now we know the next card to be coming to Clash Royale (Free), the Legendary spell Graveyard (which we knew a bit about from earlier leaks). As you can guess, this spell unearths a gang of Skeletons anywhere in the Arena. The spell costs 5 elixir and spawns Skeletons level 9 with 10 second duration and 5 block radius. Skeletons are extremely effective against large, strong troops, but they are also very vulnerable to Arrows as they make their way to the target. This spell should probably help players take out big targets more effectively.

What do you think about the new card? You won’t be getting the amount of Skeletons you get with the Skeleton Army, but I do like the ability to drop it anywhere in the field, provided I actually manage to get my hands on this card of course. The card releases in 11 days, so we’ll see how good it is then.

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