Fun Platformer ‘Return of the Zombie King’ Is Out Now

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A few weeks back, we wrote about a game called Zombie King, a platformer with the clever concept of upgrading your King a bit at time to bring him back to his former virility and humanity. That game is now called Return of the Zombie King (Free) (any similarity with the Lord of the Rings is probably accidental) and is out on the App Store. In the game you play as the re-animated corpse of a former King who was summarily exiled and drowned. Now, you’ll be running and jumping your way to collecting as many coins as you can from each run to gradually upgrade your bony figure into the King you once were.

Zombie King

Return of the Zombie King comes with over 100 levels across 4 different environments and, of course, offers plenty of upgrades that should make each run play differently. There are plenty of enemies to tackle and, as the description points out, the game also features a beard, which immediately makes it a piece of gaming history.

  • Return of the Zombie King

    When the Zombie King returns, it spells doom for the world! Or it would, if he had all of his powers. Unfortunately, he …
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