‘ENYO’ First Month Numbers Show IAP vs Ads Revenue

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The App Store is pretty hard to navigate when you’re a small developer, so articles like this one from Tinytouchtales’ Arnold Rauers on ENYO‘s (Free) first month revenue and downloads are always a great source of information and, usually, a guide of sorts. If you haven’t played ENYO, it’s a fun game where you use environmental traps and obstacles to defeat your enemies. In the article, Rauers talks about the huge benefit of getting featured by Apple for two weeks in a row. After the first two weeks of the game being out, the downloads tumbled significantly. In total, the game has been downloaded 274 thousand times on iOS and 29 thousand times on Google Play during the first month, with over 250 thousand downloads on iOS coming during the first two weeks.


The game is free to download with a one-time $1.99 IAP to remove ads. In terms of revenue, ENYO made $3500 from the IAP and $12300 from the ads, bringing the total to $15800 for the first month. Ads are okay, concludes Rauers, as long as you have a moderately good influx of new users. Once your daily active users drop below 30,000, your ad revenue becomes insignificant. Check out the story in detail here.

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