‘Halo Stickers’ for iMessage on iOS 10 Now Available

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iMessage stickers for iOS 10 are really taking off. At least, it seems like developers are trying their damnedest to support sending silly stickers to one another. That, or everyone figures it isn’t a bad idea to get people sharing your #brand, maybe it’ll make you a few bucks down the line, or save you from losing a few because other companies’ #brands are stronger because they used stickers and you didn’t. Anyway, Microsoft is here to give you a bunch of Halo Stickers (Free) to use, enabling you to drop a flag on your friend’s dumb comments, attach a sticky grenade to their dumb photos, or attach Cortana to their dumb Siri jokes.


If Halo stickers are too mainstream for you, and you don’t feel like downloading an entire game to get iMessage stickers as some are getting, well, Double Fine has released Costume Quest Stickers (Free). Which seems kinda ridiculous, but there’s plenty of spooky Halloween decorations to be had, even if you haven’t played the game. And that makes me feel like dancing, I gotta say.

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