‘This War of Mine’ Adds ‘The Little Ones’ DLC, Becomes Even More Depressing

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You don’t play This War of Mine ($1.99) to cheer up or put a smile on your face; no, you play this game because it throws you in the middle of the horror that is war and asks you to make one difficult decision after the other. Despite its lack of sunshine and flowers, this is a game that, as Eric wrote in his review, deserves to be played by everyone because it is an emotional tour de force. Now the game has raised the stakes ever more with the addition of The Little Ones, a DLC that has you experiencing the hardships of war through the eyes of a child. Sounds fun, right? The Little Ones focuses on how even in the middle of a war, kids are still kids; they still look for toys, play, cry, and in general experience the world around very differently from their parents.

The Little Ones is an intriguing new take on the effects of war on the civilian populations caught in the middle of it, although I’ve had friends who just couldn’t bring themselves to play the DLC because it felt too close to home. You can get The Little Ones now as a $3.99 IAP.

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