‘Pokemon GO’ Update Is Here, Brings Catch Bonus and Updated Gym Training

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Niantic Labs’ attempt to add more features to Pokemon GO (Free) continues today in the form of the latest update for both iOS and Android. We’ve written about some of the features of the update a few days ago, but in case you missed that story, here’s what we are getting. The first new feature is the Catch Bonus where trainers can earn a bonus for catching many Pokemon of a specific type. We’re also getting updated Gym Training; trainers can now bring six Pokemon to battle at friendly gyms and can even temporarily lower the CP of the Pokemon they are battling during the training session. There are also new Egg and Incubator screens, which will save you having to close and reopen the screen in order to see the distance walked.

I’m glad to see Niantic making good on the promises of adding more features to the game. There are still some important ones to come – like Pokemon trading – but every new feature helps retain players and bring other players back to the game. The game is in the process of being updated, so you should be able to check the new features very soon.

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