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‘Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location’ Not Delayed for Being Too Scary, Now Available on Steam

Scott Cawthon has released Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location onto Steam today. The game isn’t on mobile yet, but as per Cawthon’s usualy release schedule, expect it sometime shortly after the desktop version releases. This latest entry in the FNAF franchise will have you trying to survive a few nights as the late night technician at Circus Baby’s Pizza World. If you enjoy the flavor of the FNAF series, you’re likely excited for this one, particularly after the misstep of FNAF World.

Now, what’s kind of funny is that the other day, Cawthon shared that the game might be delayed because there were some plot elements that were too dark for him. Well, apparently he got over it, or is a master marketer as he used that statement to stir up interest in the game for its sudden release. But we did say to take that story with a few pinches of salt. This isn’t to be cynical about Cawthon, he seems like a nice enough guy, but it’s just not a surprise that the game’s out today on Steam after tha statement.