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‘Rome: Total War’ Price and System Requirements Revealed

The iPad version of Rome: Total War has sounded particularly intriguing because it’s a full-fledged release of a PC real-time strategy game classic, but optimized for touchscreens on iPad. We’ve gotten some details on how the game will control, but now Feral Interactive has revealed another piece of the puzzle, as they have revealed the game’s price and system requirements.

Rome: Total War will require a first generation iPad Air or newer, at least an iPad Mini 2 (the first Mini with the Retina Display), or any iPad Pro, naturally. The game will require a little under 4 GB of free space. The game will run you $9.99 or your local iTunes pricing equivalent (€9.99 / £7.99), and is set to release “this autumn." Which means that in the cadence of the App Store, it could suddenly appear any day, so as the leaves change color, prepare for war at any moment.