Klei’s Isometric Stealth Strategy Game ‘Invisible, Inc.’ Now on iPad

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The week of October 6th, 2016, is shaping up to be one of the best release weeks on the App Store in a long while, and some surprise releases are part of the equation. Klei Entertainment, makers of Don’t Starve ($4.99), have released Invisible, Inc. ($4.99) onto the App Store as an iPad exclusive. This is an isometric turn-based strategy game where you’ll use stealth as part of your various missions, trying to get a leg up on difficult infiltrations that will test you.

Klei promises a huge amount of variety in Invisible, Inc. with 10 different unlockable agents that can be customized through different variants, different hacking programs, deep customization through new augments and programs, not to mention randomly generated worlds. And there’s 5 different game modes to boot. Invisible, Inc. has gotten some favorable reviews on console and PC, and given Klei’s track record, this should be well worth checking out. You’ll need an iPad, but iPhone owners should have some hope since Don’t Starve made the leap down to iPhone after a short bit. Check out the forum thread for the game if you pick this one up.

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