Halfbrick’s Newest Action Platformer ‘Dan the Man’ Has Launched Worldwide on the App Store

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It seems like Dan the Man (Free) has forever been in soft launch, teasing gamers from outside the lucky few regions that received the game early with its awesome platformer beat-em-up hybrid gameplay. In truth, it’s only been a little under two months – but ever since having watched the fantastic eponymous cartoon series and the hands-on footage from GDC in March, I’ve been dying to get my hands on Halfbrick’s newest game. Thankfully, the wait is now over – Dan the Man has launched worldwide on the App Store, and considering both Halfbrick’s incredible track record and the game’s low price of zero dollars, I’d definitely recommend booting the game up, and subsequently booting the eclectic cast of enemies where it hurts.

What Dan the Man may lack in a complex narrative, it sure makes up for with its charm. You play as Dan (who is, as you may have guessed, the man), and must save your girlfriend Josie from an evil organisation that has emerged from the shadows and is using the village to power its nefarious kingdom. The web series acts as a prelude to the story within the game, and is particularly indicative of the humor and visual style of the Dan the Man app. As the cartoon was intended to imitate the appearance of a video game, there really isn’t better source material to base a kick-ass platformer off. With initial soft launch impressions extremely positive, be sure to give Dan the Man a download, and let us know your thoughts on our forum thread.

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