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Upcoming ‘Splitter Critters’ Is a World-Splitting Puzzle Game Looking for Testers

I like clever mechanics in puzzle games, and Splitter Critters seems to have a clever idea at its core. The game is like playing Lemmings but instead of giving your Lemmings different abilities to help them navigate the various levels, in Splitter Critters you split the world and rearrange it in a way that helps your critters find their way to their spaceship. This is a great idea because it plays very well with a touchscreen while also letting the developers create some really fun levels. And those little critters look pretty cool, too.

If you want to test Splitter Critters, head over to the game’s thread in our Upcoming Games forum section and sign up. The developers have pointed out that they are going with a premium monetization model with no IAPs, which I know is what many of you always ask for. So, go support a dev who’s listening to you.