‘Clash of Clans’ Revamping Army Training & Quick Train

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Supercell has decided to revisit one of Clash of Clans(Free) oldest and quirkiest systems, Clash training. As the developers point out, there are way too many queues, training capabilities, timers, and an abundance of tabs. So, the new system sees a reduction of complexity and a much more streamlined training process. There’s also Quick Train now, a feature that has been requested repeatedly by players. The way the system works now is all troops and spell training happen in single, dedicated tabs, you can fully train two armies at a time, Quick Train lets you create 3 army plans and train any with one tap while also letting you retrain your last used army with one tap, and many other similar tweaks to the system.

In order to get this training system working as desired, the developers went in and readjusted times and gem costs across the board. Training single troops is much faster now (while full-army training times are more or less the same), and small amounts of units cost more to finish their training while large amounts have lower cost. You can read all the details here. What do you think of all these changes?

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