BlizzCon 2016 Online Merchandise Sale Starts Oct. 12th

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Blizzard and Hearthstone (Free) fans, rejoice. The BlizzCon 2016 online merchandise sale for those attending BlizzCon or those who have a Virtual Ticket will kick off October 12th, so get ready to spend more money than you probably should. Blizzard posted an early look at some of what’s going to be available through the store, and I personally like those Cute but Deadly vinyls and the Hearthstone Throw Blanket. You can see more of the merchandise here so you can start planning. If you’ve purchased your Virtual Ticket, you’ll get a reminder on your account when the sale begins on October 12th. The sale will run until November 6th, so plenty of time to go shopping, unless the item you want runs out fast (we had that issue at SDCC 2016). If you are attending in person, you should have a code to redeem already.


Aside from the fancy merchandise, I do wonder if we’ll get any fun Hearthstone-related announcements at BlizzCon this year, and if yes what will those be. We got the balance update just this week, so not sure if anything else is coming up. Maybe a teaser/announcement about the next expansion? Might be a bit early for that, but one can always hope.

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