‘Rogue One’ Comes to ‘Star Wars: Commander’

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If you want to get an early taste of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, you should go play Star Wars: Commander (Free) since it just got a new update that added Rogue One content. The new content is primarily characters and vehicles from the upcoming movie. You’ll get to see Shoretroopers, Gigoran Fighters, AT-ACT Walkers, and, of course, Rebel Commandos. I’m not surprised to see Disney starting to push Rogue One in its mobile games since that’s one of the best ways to get even more buzz for the upcoming movie. It’s a pretty organized campaign; I just got an email that Hot Topic is also doing a Rogue One apparel sale today, so Force Friday indeed.

The update also adds a new Armory feature that lets players customize the appearance of their troops into planet-specific outfits. You could get Han Solo’s winter jacket for instance or dress your troops up as Imperial Snowtroopers. The update is live now, so go get an early taste of Rogue One.

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