‘Hearthstone’ Brawl is ‘Boom Bot Vs Annoy-o-Tron’ From a Year Ago

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If you’ve been playing Hearthstone (Free) Brawls for at least over a year, then you’ll remember Boom Bot Vs Annoy-o-Tron from exactly a year ago (give or take a couple of days). As you can imagine if you know the cards themselves, Boom Bot’s Hero power deals 2 damage randomly split among all enemies and Tron’s gives the lowest attack minion Divine Shield and Taunt. You get to play with pre-constructed decks, with Boom Bot’s deck geared towards plenty of explosive cards and Tron’s taking advantage of cards with taunt and mech synergies. As you can imagine, this is a pretty “explosive" brawl and a pretty fun one too.

This is a overall a pretty entertaining  brawl, especially for those who weren’t playing the game when it was all mechs. Keep in mind that last time we had this Brawl, people kept complaining that Tron’s deck was too fast and the whole Brawl was unbalanced, but we’ll see how it all plays out this time around. If you want to check out the decks, go here. The Brawl is live in the Americas, so go taunt or blow things up.

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