‘Legend of the Skyfish’ Probably Coming to Android Next Week

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Legend of the Skyfish ($3.99) is a pretty fantastic game, as we noted in our review a few weeks back. And if we go by the tweet you see below, the game will also be visiting the Android shores next week. There’s a “might" in that tweet, so take the date with a pinch of salt, but the fact is that the game is coming to Android very soon, and Android players should get excited. Legend of the Skyfish is a Zelda-like game that’s all about using a fishing pole like a hookshot to pull things to you or manipulate the environment and solve puzzles. For most of you I could just stop at the “hookshot" part and you’d be sold, but there’s more to Legend of the Skyfish than just that.

The game has plenty of clever ideas and, as Carter pointed out in his review, the developers used a fun gameplay mechanic in the most fun ways. While the game isn’t very long, you’ll enjoy it quite a bit. So Android players, get ready for a really, really cool game.

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