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‘Flappy Golf 2’ Is Stuck in a Bunker, and Has Been Delayed for a ‘Few Weeks’

Apart from the revolutionary and platform defining success that is Hodappy Bird (Free), not much came out of the whole Flappy Bird phase, aside from an abundance of low-effort clones. Flappy Golf (Free) was the exception to the rule, however, as the combination of the simplistic flapping mechanics of the aforementioned high-scoring hit with the excellent golfing gameplay of Super Stickman Golf 2 ($0.99), Noodlecake Studios managed to create a title that transcended its intended purpose as a parody into a fantastic game in its own right. As a result, you can forgive me for being extremely excited for the sequel, as Flappy Golf 2 promises to offer even more courses to fly your sentient ball through – however, Noodlecake have announced that the game is to be sadly delayed for a ‘few weeks’, and therefore missing its original Wednesday release date, to make it an even better golf flapping experience.

While this delay does mean a few extra weeks to wait before bus journeys and lectures alike are dominated by some hardcore flying golf action, it will hopefully make Flappy Golf 2 (which really should have been subtitled Flappy Golf 2: Electric Boogaloo) an even better sequel, and improve on a formula that was fun enough to make our Games of the Year list for 2014. And to quash any fears from the most cynical of gamers, Noodlecake have confirmed on their Twitter account that unlike The Last Guardian, which has been delayed seemingly until the end of time, we will be able to play their latest title within a couple of weeks; keep an eye on our forum thread for any further details.