‘Batman: The Telltale Series’ Finally Launches on iOS

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After a bit of a delay, the first episode of Batman: The Telltale Series (Free) is now available on iOS. The game was delayed on mobile after releasing on console and PC, and there was no word just exactly when the game would finally release on mobile. With episode 2 actually out this week, it seemed odd that the mobile version still hadn’t hit, but surprise! The first episode is out now, though the Android version hasn’t shown up yet, and the second episode is “coming soon."

This is Telltale’s M-rated/17+ take on the Dark Knight himself, with a 5-episode season planned. With the investigatory/detective nature of Batman, the character should be a good fit for Telltale’s narrative ambitions, with plenty of characters for Telltale to call on, with Catwoman being among the cast for this series. And the dulcet tones of Troy Baker will be behind Batman. The second episode of the series isn’t available on mobile yet, but hopefully the app catches up with the console and PC versions soon…

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