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Donut Games Reveals New Platformer ‘Vulture Island’

We first heard about Donut Games’ next title the other day, but details and a name were not yet forthcoming. Well, now we know a name, and have some video footage for the next big platformer from the maker of countless solid arcade-style games and the exploration platformer Traps n’ Gemstones ($4.99): Vulture Island. Check it out in action:

Your homemade flying machine has fallen apart…as one should expect a homemade flying machine to do. Thankfully, everyone’s safe, just split up after parachuting to the island below. So, you will have to explore, collecting items and exploring the island wilderness in order to get everyone reunited and to find Benjamin, the pilot/builder of flying vehicles. You’ll be interacting with characters and finding all sorts of items to use along the way. Vulture Island will have MFi and iCade controller support, though no Apple TV at least at launch. Traps n’ Gemstones is still a solid platformer, and we haven’t heard from Donut in a while, so I have high hopes for this one when it releases later this month.