‘Vainglory’ 1.22 Brings Autumn Season, New Hero and Skins

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With summer season in Super Evil Megacorp’s Vainglory (Free) coming to a close, the mobile MOBA has now turned its sights onto autumn with a new season, new hero and new interface improvements. Beyond the move to an autumn Halcyon Fold map, autumn season also brings significant changes to the game’s reward system. A new seasonal chest joins the batch of consistent rewards, with seasonal chests requiring more effort to unlock but can offer much greater rewards, including whole skins. Vainglory is also introducing a new Opal currency which is rare to earn and can be used to eventually unlock old limited edition special skins that were supposedly never to return (however, skins unlocked the opal way will look different than the original LE skins to differentiate).

From an interface standpoint, version 1.22 makes several changes to the overall game system. Skill tier will no longer reset, although the developers are planning on implementing skill tier decay eventually. Also, players can now interact with multiple elements at the same time, and players can now modify the camera so that it isn’t always consistently centered on their hero. Finally, a new iPhone layout can be selected that puts hot bars near the thumbs when holding the phone with both hands while playing.

Finally, version 1.22 sees the debut of Baron, a new player that specializes in ranged attacks and burst damage. With cool moves such as Orbital Strike, it looks like Baron is being positioned as a cool sniper-esque hero. Accompanying Baron are a few new skins, such as the limited edition Moon Princess Celeste.

Rounding out Version 1.22 are the usual deluge of hero balance changes, which can be found in the full release notes here. Meanwhile, good luck earning those opals for those oh-so-cool limited edition skins.

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