‘Super Mario Run Stickers’ Is Available Now, if You Already Have iOS 10

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mariostickersiconI know you can’t get your hands on Super Mario Run just yet, but you can now start playing around with the Super Mario Run Stickers (Free) for iMessage, provided you have iOS 10 that is. The stickers, which were announced along with the game, are already available on the App Store and should give your iMessages a fun plumber feel while also reminding you that you are months away from seeing Mario run across your iPhone screen. You can also get that nose, mustache, and hat on your face, though no way to reproduce that Luigi death stare as far as I can tell.

Super Mario Run Stickers Super Mario Run Stickers

The stickers can only be used on the iOS 10 version of iMessages, but even if you don’t have the iOS 10 beta, you’ll be able to download iOS 10 along with everyone else tomorrow. And then you can unleash Mario upon all your friends and family.

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    Stickers from Super Mario Run, which is now available on the App Store. Show off your feelings with Mario’s expression…
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