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‘Elder Scrolls: Legends’ Tablet Release “Really Close”

I don’t know if you’ve managed to get your hands on the PC beta of Elder Scrolls: Legends or seen people play it, but it seems that the game is gaining traction within the CCG community. I’ve been playing it on my PC (and I wrote about my impressions here), and I can see why people are gravitating towards it. ESL is a deep, entertaining CCG with the resources of Bethesda behind it and one of the most famous names in gaming on top of that. So, not that surprising that the game’s community seems to be growing steadily. While the PC beta has been going on for a while now, we still don’t have a mobile launch date, but now we do know more about Bethesda’s plan.

In a recent interview, Bethesda’s Pete Hines talked about how the game is coming along and when we can expect the mobile launch. He said the game could come out of beta on PC tomorrow if they wanted to, but what they are planning on doing is waiting for the tablet version to be ready to go and then release the game on PC and mobile pretty much simultaneously.

Although he didn’t give an actual date for that release, he did say that they are very close to releasing the game on PC, iOS and Android. There doesn’t seem to be much work left to be done, so hopefully we’ll be getting Elder Scrolls: Legends soon. You can check the whole interview here.