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‘Oz: Broken Kingdom’ Takes Advantage of iPhone 7 Features, Launches Worldwide with iPhone 7

Apple’s key demo showing off the iPhone 7’s new powerful A10 Fusion chip was with Oz: Broken Kingdom from Nexon and This Game Studio. This RPG based on a dark fantasy world in The Wizard of Oz will take advantage of many new iPhone features when it launches alongside the iPhone 7. That means 400 flying monkeys at a “flawless frame rate," aww yeah.

Oz Broken Kingdom iPhone 7

The new wide color display in the iPhone 7 will be utilized with the game, as will the haptic feedback engine in the phone to provide rumble-like feedback. The stereo speakers will be utilized as well. This one’s actually in soft launch in several countries, as you’ll play as heroine Ophelia Shen along with the Tin Man, Lion, and Scarecrow. Who knew they could cast spells? There is a forum thread from when this one soft launched if you want to check it out, though the splashy new features aren’t going to be available until you get your iPhone 7, I suppose.

Australian iTunes Link: Oz: Broken Kingdom