Ben Brode Hints at ‘Hearthstone’ Arena Changes

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In what should be good news to everyone, it seems like we might be getting an announcement about Arena changes in the near future. Reddit user alcxander posted an open question for the Hearthstone (Free) developers regarding the critique they receive after every content release, and Ben Brode responded with some interesting points and a hint at a possible Arena announcement in the next two weeks. Brode first talks about how all the devs visit the Hearthstone subreddit often and take player feedback seriously. He also points out that often players don’t have access to the whole picture, so the feedback isn’t always “fair."

What’s more interesting, though, is his talk about Arena Balance issues. He talks about how it has received a lot of attention recently and has spawned many conversations among the developers. They had plans for tools that would allow them to make changes to the Arena in the medium-to-long term, but the intense online discussions made them rethink their options and timelines.

So, he hopes he will have something to announce on this issue in the next couple of weeks. That would be great because players have been complaining for quite some time that they see the same classes on Arena again and again, which makes one of the best parts of Hearthstone too predictable and boring. How would you change Arena?

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