The Excellent Programming Puzzle Game ‘Human Resource Machine’ Is on Sale for $0.99

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While receiving mobile ports of critically acclaimed games from other consoles is generally a good thing, there is always a risk that certain aspects won’t make the transition smoothly to a smaller and more portable device. On the other hand, sometimes titles flourish on iOS, and Human Resource Machine ($1.99) is one such game. In my review back in June, I was taken aback by how well the relatively complex commands needed to manipulate your anonymous worker drone were adapted to the touchscreen device, and the portability of the iPhone perfectly suited the progression of the puzzles involved. These features, coupled with a significant amount of content, excellent audio and visual design, and a subtle satirical take on modern day corporations, resulted in a must have iOS title that was worth far more than its generous $4.99 price tag. Despite this, Human Resource Machine has today gone on sale for the ridiculously low price of $0.99, so anyone who missed the game first time around has no reason not to experience Tomorrow Corporation’s latest App Store gem.

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Human Resource Machine is particularly outstanding in how it works on numerous different levels. From the most obvious perspective, it’s a challenging puzzle game, that will certainly satiate anyone looking for another brain-teaser to keep them occupied on long train journeys. However, the game also serves as a basic educational tool for learning key concepts of coding. Through the very systematic way the challenges have to be solved, and introduction of concepts such as a zero-terminated string, Human Resource Machine serves as a fantastic starting point to learn more about coding, and the logical difficulty curve ensures adults and children alike can benefit from the game. However, despite the multitude of benefits, Human Resource Machine is an extremely enjoyable experience, and I cannot recommend it enough, especially for only $0.99.

There is currently no indication on how long this sale will last, and no obvious catalyst for such a price drop, so be sure to grab Human Resource Machine sooner rather than later – Tomorrow Corporation sales tend to only last a few days at most, so it’s certainly wise to act quickly if my gushing praise has resonated with you, and be sure to leave your impressions of Human Resource Machine on our forum thread.

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