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‘Dog Sled Saga’ Leaves Early Access and Launches on Mobile on September 22nd

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Dan FitzGerald, developer of Dawn of the Plow ($1.99) and FireWhip ($0.99), has been tooling away on Dog Sled Saga for a few years now with his partner Lisa Bromiel. The game has been in early access on Steam for a while now, with promise of a mobile version someday. There was a good sign of that happening with the game being among the Google Play Indie Games Festival exhibitors. And in fact, the game will be hitting version 1.0 and releasing on mobile on September 22nd.

Dog Sled Saga will have you managing a mushing team as you compete to advance up the ranks. You’ll have to keep your dogs happy, and perform well to become the best musher in all the land. Oh, and dog petting will be in version 1.0, so all the important features will be there when this launches on September 22nd.

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