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‘One More Jump’ from SMG Releases This Week, is Like ‘One More Line’ Meets ‘Geometry Dash’

SMG Studio, developers of One More Line (Free) and Thumb Drift (Free), have announced that their next game, One More Jump, is set to release this week on September 1st. This isn’t developed by them, but is their first published title, with the game being developed by Australian studio Premo Games. This is a bit of a different game in that One More series, with it being kind of like Geometry Dash ($1.99), but in the One More style of games.

So why care about this one? Well, for one, the game is a bit easier to play starting out than Geometry Dash is, and is based around shorter levels. The game can be played one-handed in portrait mode, with levels that feature running along both horizontal and vertical walls. The levels are definitely challenging the further you get into the game, but at least this game eases you in. There’s a variety of challenge levels to play, to go along with the daily endless mode that you can unlock, and community goals to reach. Combined with the soundtrack by Batterie who did the other One More games’ soundtracks, this one feels like a really good fit into the SMG canon. Check it out on or around September 1st.