Forum-Favorite ‘Lost Portal CCG’ Is at Its Lowest Price Ever

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If you’ve been looking for a fun CCG that has you clearing out dungeons instead of fighting other players, you should check out Lost Portal CCG ($0.99), which just dropped to its lowest price ever. Lost Portal CCG has been a big hit among our forum members, with the game’s thread now over 54 pages long. It’s not hard to figure out why it’s been so popular; Lost Portal CCG , which by the way is pretty much the word of one person, focuses on a single-player experience and has you exploring dungeons, collecting treasures, fighting AI enemies and bosses, and leveling up your character along the way. The game has plenty of content with random enemies and card drops, 216 cards in five rarities, over 80 enemies and bosses across 5 towns and 15 dungeons.

Keep in mind that this is not a F2P-type CCG and you won’t have to buy packs with real money to improve your deck; instead, you can buy cards at card shops located in towns and dungeons using the gold you’ve collected along the way. Our forum members can’t say enough good things about this game, so if you’ve been looking for a good 1-player CCG, make sure you check Lost Portal CCG out.

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