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Environment Focused Roguelike ‘Enyo’ Launching September 7th on the App Store

Enyo was a game that caught our eye when we first caught a glimpse of it in May, as its unique mechanic of using environmental traps and obstacles to destroy enemies – rather than traditional attacking options – made it stand out from countless similar titles that have embraced mobile devices for their trademark short gameplay sessions. Developer TiNYTOUCHTALES has today announced that Enyo will descend onto the App Store on September 7th, and the game certainly looks a world apart from the rather bare-bones iteration that originated out of a 7 day roguelike development challenge. With a brand new art style by designer Winnie Song that really captures the ancient Greek theme of Enyo, as well as multiple modes and randomly generated dungeons, TiNYTOUCHTALES may have potentially created another App Store rogue like that can follow in the footsteps of esteemed classics such as Hoplite ($2.99) and Auro ($1.99).

Since this initial version titled Hook & Shield, which Enyo has vastly expanded on (however, the former is playable on the developer’s website if you want a taste of what to expect in the new game), seven unique enemies have been added, as well as 3 different game modes that focus on retrieving artefacts such as the golden fleece, the apple of discord and the shield of Zeus. The interesting and unique mythical art style really brings Enyo to life, and the restricted dungeon area and varied environments should give it strategic excellence of Hoplite, whereby every single move could be the difference between life or death, while still retaining its distinctive design mechanic of indirect combat. Enyo will launch for free, with one $1.99 in-app purchase to remove ads and allow access to a daily challenge feature, on September 7th – be sure to share your impressions on our forum thread.