Stylish Side-Scrolling Hack ‘n Slash Game ‘Dark Sword’ Getting Online PvP in Next Update

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Back in early March, developer Nanoo Company released their latest game Dark Sword (Free), a side-scrolling hack ‘n slash game with a very stylish silhouette art style and great animations. Dark Sword featured bite-sized levels and simplified combat mechanics that still allowed for very satisfying button mashing gameplay. The biggest drawback, depending on your point of view I guess, was that the game is very free to play, meaning there’s all the typical trappings from timers to in-game currencies and various IAP packs to be bought. However, if you’re into your typical free to play grinding game this one was a lot of fun, and it featured tons of different types of loot to acquire and outfit your character with. Dark Sword has seen many updates in the months since its release which added things like new equipment, new difficulty levels, a Daily Raid mode, a pet system, and more, but its biggest update is yet to come as Nanoo has revealed that PvP is heading to the game in the next update.

It should be fun to pit your bad ass dark warrior against other players’ bad ass dark warriors, though I haven’t seen any specifics as to whether this is actual real-time battling or simply facing off against other players’ characters who are controlled by AI. Either way it should be fun and I look forward to seeing how other people have decked out their own characters. The PvP update has been submitted as of today so I’d expect it to hit by this weekend if Apple is feeling especially speedy but more likely by early next week. Keep an eye out for it and be sure to check out the forum thread for some Dark Sword discussion.

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