‘The Quest HD’ Now Supports iPhone with New Universal Update

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Three weeks ago, The Quest HD ($7.99) hit the App Store after receiving a very warm reception on Steam earlier in the year, but there was only one major problem: The game was iPad-only. That’s all well and good if you have an iPad, but if you don’t or even if you simply prefer gaming on your iPhone then you weren’t able to experience this remaster of one of mobile gaming’s all-time classic RPGs. Well, as it turns out, developer Redshift didn’t make The Quest HD iPhone-compatible because the numerous previous releases and expansions of the original The Quest are all iPhone-only, and they were worried people might be confused which games were the old ones and which one was the new one when looking at them in the App Store. Well, it wouldn’t be any more confusing than it already is with like 20+ existing versions of The Quest! Thankfully Redshift agreed, and so after seeing the demand from players wishing for an iPhone version, they quickly went to work on a Universal update which has just become available.

If you aren’t quite sure what The Quest is, as I alluded to earlier it’s one of the longest-running mobile-exclusive RPG franchises around, originally created for the PDAs and pocket computers that predated the iPhone’s release. Once the iPhone launched, though, The Quest really found a home and in addition to the massive 50+ hour campaign in the base game, there are numerous expansions available adding literally hundreds of hours of additional gameplay to this grid-paced, first-person, open-world adventure. Being that the game is so old, its visuals were definitely looking a bit rough by modern standards, so The Quest HD was Redshift’s attempt to remake the base game with new high resolution graphics (as well as bring the series to the desktop platform). They succeeded beautifully, and not only did we award The Quest HD 5 stars in our review, but we also chose it as our Game of the Week when it released. It really is a landmark game on mobile, and playing the remastered version was like visiting an old friend but with a brand new coat of paint.

While there are plans of bringing the massive Islands of Ice and Fire expansion to The Quest HD, sadly it doesn’t seem very likely that any of the other expansions will make their way to the remastered version. Most of them were done by a third party and the very tiny Redshift has their plate full working on The Quest 2. Maybe someday, but for now there are many, many hours worth of adventuring to be had in the base game of The Quest HD and pretty much double that amount once Islands of Ice and Fire arrives. And it brings me great joy to say that now even iPhone owners can get in on all this fun. Check out The Quest HD with the link below, and drop by the forums to leave your thoughts on the game and join in on the discussion.

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