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See How ‘Party Hard Go’ Controls in New Gameplay Video

tinyBuild’s upcoming Party Hard Go was announced via a search for beta testers on our forums, but now the game has been officially announced all-PR style by tinyBuild. But for those who didn’t get into the beta, or are just curious about how the controls work – because that seemed to be the real issue with bringing the game from console to mobile – tinyBuild has decided to release some details and video of the game being played on an iPhone. Check out the entire first level of Party Hard Go on iPhone, with the virtual control options:

tinyBuild goes into great detail discussing the issues and control options in Party Hard Go. Not only did they have to make the game work, but they ran into issues with the myriad device sizes. So, there are two different control options: dedicated touch controls that use taps and swipes to control the game, which is ideal for small-screen devices. Virtual controls supposedly work better on bigger devices. Keep an eye on the upcoming forum thread for more discussion of this one.