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‘Line Defense’ Will Mix ‘Missile Command’ with ‘Breakout’ Mechanics Later this Month

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I’m a big fan of genre-blending, and developer Legal Radiation Team is blending together several well-worn mechanics in a neat way in their upcoming game Line Defense. The base concept is similar to Missile Command where you’ll be protecting various cities across the world from incoming attacks. You’ll do this by drawing shields in mid-air to absorb the attacks, but that’s not all, as in some instances you’ll want to be deflecting attacks back towards the enemies, Breakout-style. Finally, you’ll use that same action to diffuse time bombs out of the air, taking a page out of Fruit Ninja.

The trailer for Line Defense looks really cool, and I’m a fan of the various mechanics Legal Radiation has blended together in the game. I’ll be looking forward to see how it actually plays when it launches later this month on August 26th. In the meantime you can check out the game’s forum thread to talk about it or get in touch with the developers who are looking for some beta testers.

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