Gamevil’s Beat-Em-Up Action-RPG ‘Masquerade: The Faceless’ is Now Available

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While many mobile gamers pine for the days when Gamevil was putting together paid action-RPGs like the older Zenonia games, you have to admit that they’ve approached the free-to-play social RPG genre with some gusto. Their efforts in the genre cover a wide variety of playstyles, and the production values are often on par with even Square Enix’s releases. Well, you can add another one to their line-up with the release of Masquerade: The Faceless (Free). This one is a side-scrolling 3D beat-em-up with RPG elements, and it’s surprisingly fun.

After the opening cut-scene that sets the story, you’ll be able to choose from three different characters. Upon selecting your favorite, you’ll be tossed into the tutorial stages, where the game teaches you how to perform launchers, air combos, special moves, ranged attacks, and more. It’s not very deep, but the controls are responsive and the juggling feels good. A tougher boss monster waits at the end of each stage. If you can beat them, you’ll bring home spoils in the form of new gear and resources. You’ll also occasionally come across masks that you can equip to change the appearance of your character and give them enhanced abilities.

To tell the truth, I only downloaded and played Masquerade: The Faceless to get a feel for it before writing this story, but I’m enjoying it well enough that I’ll likely do a full review on it. It seems pretty in-your-face with its sales pitches, at least initially, and it will take some investigation to find out if and when a paywall is hit. The combat is fun, however, and I’m interested in seeing how the game’s systems unfold. If you don’t feel like waiting for me to write that review up, though, you can always just download the game now and see how you take to it.

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