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Post-Apocalyptic Action RPG ‘Post Brutal’ Gets New Trailer and Begins Beta Testing

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In February of last year, developer Hell Tap Entertainment unveiled their latest project in our forums, a post-apocalyptic action RPG called Post Brutal. It generated a bit of interest from our forum members for about a week, and the game itself looked pretty good even in its early state. However, things went awfully quiet after that, until this past May when Hell Tap popped back in to show their latest dev diary video of Post Brutal. Things have been pretty active in the forum since, and late last week the developers released their latest trailer for Post Brutal, which you can see below.

One of the main features of Post Brutal is the ability to put yourself directly in the game by taking a picture of your face to plaster onto the main character as well as recording voice clips for the character to spout during play. I can tell you first-hand that we’ve had a lot of fun in the past with games that allow you to import your own face. While the action itself looks a bit rough around the edges, it’s actually quite impressive considering Post Brutal is the product of just a few people. Now that Hell Tap is deeper in the game’s development, they’re searching out some beta testers in that very same forum thread. They’ve already gathered enough for their first round of testing, but will likely be looking for more people for round two, so if you’re interested check out the details in the forum and we’ll bring you more details on Post Brutal’s progress in the near future.

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