‘Pokemon GO’ 1.1 Update Has Fixed a Few of the Game’s Issues

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Hello Pokemon trainers, I hope this story finds you out and about hunting for Pokemon. Niantic has decided to help your hunt be a bit smoother by releasing a new update for Pokemon GO (Free) that fixes some of the game’s issues. Update 1.1 lets you re-customize your trainer’s avatar form the profile screen, which makes sense. It has also adjusted some Pokemon battle move damage values, removed footprints of nearby Pokemon, adjusted battle damage calculation, refined some of the Gym animations, updated the Pokemon details UI and the achievement medals art, and fixed issues with displaying certain map features.

As you can tell, this update is pretty much Niantic trying to make the experience of playing the game better before even attempting to add new features. At the same time, this is a much more substantial update than the previous one, which famously only offered some minor text fixes. I know from attending the San Diego Comic-Con Pokemon GO panel that the developers are constantly working on the server issues, so even though there’s no mention of that in this update, I’m sure the work continues. The update is live, so I hope it helps make Pokemon GO  a bit less frustrating.

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