This Week’s ‘Hearthstone’ Tavern Brawl Is the RNG-Heavy ‘Randomonium’

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If you dislike RNG-heavy Hearthstone (Free) Tavern Brawl, I suggest you do not touch that Tavern Brawl button this week because Randomonium is all about picking a class, getting a random deck, and then playing a game where card cost is random every single turn. As you can imagine, it’s hard to strategize your next move when you don’t know the cost of your cards next turn. What you can do is to expect that any high-cost cards in your hand will probably be cheap enough to play in the next two,three of turns, and plan around that. But overall, this is one of those Brawls where crazy things will happen (like Turn 1 C’Thuns for instance) and you should go with it and not get angry.

Fortunately for F2P players, this is another one of those Brawls that are great for people with small card collections because they’ll get to play with all the fancy toys they never get to touch. And you should definitely use this Brawl to complete your dailies because even if you aren’t very good at the game, RNG will make up for any skill lacking. The Brawl is live in most regions, so go have fun.

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