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‘Party Hard Go’ is the Long-Awaited Mobile Adaptation of ‘Party Hard’, and It Needs Beta Testers

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Indie publisher tinyBuild Games has said for a while that their violent party-murder game Party Hard would be coming to mobile. But, the actual existence of a mobile version of Party Hard has been something I’ve been unable to verify. I’ve prodded tinyBuild employees at shows, and a mobile build was nowhere to be seen, though promises that it would come to mobile were still made. Did tinyBuild perhaps bite off a bit more than they could chew in trying to make this one work on mobile? Either a sign of hope or despair was when Party Hard showed up on Google Play, but only for Nvidia devices. Would iOS players ever get a touchscreen-friendly version of Party Hard? Well, it looks like the answer is yes, as tinyBuild has announced a beta test program for what they’re calling Party Hard Go:

Yes, while they’re not showing off any actual mobile footage yet, they’re taking signups for the game. With a reworked UI and control scheme (featuring zooming), your time to kill loud partygoers is apparently soon. So, hop on over to the forum thread and sign up at the link in the thread. You win this round, optimists. Next up, we figure out how 10tons brings Neon Chrome to mobile, because I got around to playing that on PC, and well…that’ll be an interesting touchscreen adaptation.

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