‘Pokemon GO’ Now Available in Japan

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As has been predicted a couple of days ago, the world-consuming phenomenon known as Pokemon GO (Free) has finally launched in Japan. Seems like kind of a bum deal that they had to wait this long, seeing as The Pokemon Co is based in Japan, but better late than never I always say. Also this lag time has (hopefully) given developer Niantic some time to beef up their servers, which have been notoriously spotty ever since the game launched in the US and several more regions a couple of weeks ago.

Since that initial launch period, Pokemon GO has been slowly rolling out to more regions, and each time the servers seem to creak and bend at the added influx, but end up coming around within a few days. We’ll see how adding Japan, with its rabid Pokemon fan base, disrupts the servers this time around. At any rate, if you’re in Japan and have been anxiously awaiting to join in on all the fun, now is your time. And if you end up grabbing the game, head on over to McDonald’s and tell us what this weird cross-promotion stuff is all about.

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