If You Loved ‘Dots’ and ‘Two Dots’, Be Sure to Grab ‘Dots & Co’

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If you loved Dots (Free), and couldn’t get enough of Two Dots (Free), you’ll be happy to know that Playdots, Inc has made the series into a trilogy with the recent release of Dots & Co (Free). Alternatively, if all this Dots business is news to you, and you’re at all into really well done minimalistic but still brain-breaking puzzle games… You really need to download one (or all three) of these games. Like previous Dots games, gameplay still involves connecting dots, but this time around there’s new characters and super powers to go with them.

Check out the trailer:

There’s also a gameplay video if you’re less into animations and more into, well, how the game actually looks when you’re playing it:

All three games are free to play, with supremely optional IAP. Between the super minimal aesthetic and the gameplay that’s been tested through two different popular predecessors, it’s easy to be excited for the latest Dots game. Definitely give it a look.

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